Tidewater Arts Outreach

Make Someone’s Day
Tidewater Arts Outreach brings live music and arts activities, programs and entertainment to people who live in institutions or are otherwise isolated from society.

People We Serve

Tidewater Arts Outreach will bring music and arts to institutions such as adult day care centers, convalescent homes, hospitals, centers for individuals with disabilities, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric facilities, prisons and homeless shelters. These performances and arts activities promote human interaction, happiness and healing for people who have limited access to the arts, due to health, economic or social circumstances.


By creating regular opportunities for artists to present the arts in a wide range of institutions, Tidewater Arts Outreach supports the spirit of voluntarism in arts students, arts professionals, and arts lovers to serve special audiences.

Performers and Artists

Tidewater Arts Outreach works through a variety of channels to recruit area artists, musicians and performers for its audiences. Care is taken to match specific artists for given audiences. Performers enjoy the opportunity to give back in new ways, and in knowing their talents are needed and appreciated. Musicians, singers, music groups, visual artists, dance troupes, theater groups, storytellers and other artists are encouraged to become involved.…