How to get started on forex


Forget about buying and selling company shares for a profit. If you feel you got what it takes, you should try investing in foreign exchange. Forex like buying a company’s shares is purchasing shares of a country’s economy. The value of a country’s currency depends on the economics of that nation. A strong economy means a stable currency, and when the value is stable, you will need to spend more to buy a unit of that particular currency. In the forex markets currencies are denoted against another. This means you buy one currency while simultaneously selling the other. For those people who are playing this forex markets for profits, they are usually watching to purchase currencies that they expect to gain in value while they are simultaneously selling those expected to weaken. If you are right when making a speculation you will always make money. If you want to try your hand in forex market here are some tips to get you started.

Educate yourself


Before you dive in and start losing money you should try and educate yourself. As the forex market has become popular there are online schools that are now offering lessons on how to trade the forex market. There are also a lot of free information written by different traders on how to tackle the forex market. After leaning this information you can then open a demonstration account and practice trading risk free.

Who and where forex is traded

Forex is a decentralized market this means you can trade forex from anywhere in the world as long as you got a computer and internet connection. Anybody can trade in forex and it runs for 24hours a day. However, to make it you have to know what the big boys are doing and try to copy them. Otherwise, forex can be one of the riskiest form of investing you can do.

Get a mentor

forextrading1In anything you decide to do, be it going to the gym or becoming a doctor, you need to find someone who has done well in that field to mentor you. A good mentor can reduce your learning curve significantly. When it comes to forex, it is not easy to find a mentor, but if you do your research, you will find people who have made money through forex and then try to emulate them.


If you become good at trading currency, you will be able to enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere, anytime. You can also make huge profits, but you should always be careful because the risks involved can be huge too.